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Alan Young

Selected recent publications:

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Link to abstract / full textG.Burt, S.V.Samsonov, K.Ronald, G.G.Denisov, A.R.Young, V.L.Bratman, A.D.R.Phelps, A.W.Cross, I.V.Konoplev, W.He, J.Thomson and C.G.Whyte (2004)
Dispersion of helically corrugated waveguides: Analytical, numerical, and experimental study
Physical Review E: Statistical, Nonlinear and Soft Matter Physics 70 046402

Link to abstract / full textW.L.He, K.Ronald, A.R.Young, A.W.Cross, A.D.R.Phelps, C.G.Whyte, E.G.Rafferty, J.Thomson, C.W.Robertson, D.C.Speirs, S.V.Samsonov, V.L.Bratman and G.G.Denisov (2005)
Gyro-BWO experiments using a helical interaction waveguide
IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 52 839-844

Link to abstract / full textG.Burt, S.V.Samsonov, A.D.R.Phelps, V.L.Bratman, K.Ronald, G.G.Denisov, W.L.He, A.R.Young, A.W.Cross and I.V.Konoplev (2005)
Microwave pulse compression using a helically corrugated waveguide
IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science 33 661-667