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Ken Ledingham

Selected recent publications:

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Link to abstract / full textK.W.D.Ledingham, P.McKenna and R.P.Singhal (2003)
Applications for nuclear phenomena generated by ultra-intense lasers
Science 300 1107-1111

Link to abstract / full textH.Schwoerer, S.Pfotenhauer, O.Jackel, K.U.Amthor, B.Liesfeld, W.Ziegler, R.Sauerbrey, K.W.D.Ledingham and T.Esirkepov (2006)
Laser-plasma acceleration of quasi-monoenergetic protons from microstructured targets
Nature 439 445-448

Link to abstract / full textL.Robson, P.T.Simpson, R.J.Clarke, K.W.D.Ledingham, F.Lindau, O.Lundh, T.McCanny, P.Mora, D.Neely, C.G.Wahlstrom, M.Zepf and P.McKenna (2007)
Scaling of proton acceleration driven by petawatt-laser-plasma interactions
Nature Physics 3 58-62

Link to abstract / full textP.McKenna, D.C.Carroll, R.J.Clarke, R.G.Evans, K.W.D.Ledingham, F.Lindau, O.Lundh, T.McCanny, D.Neely, A.P.L.Robinson, L.Robson, P.T.Simpson, C.G.Wahlstrom and M.Zepf (2007)
Lateral electron transport in high-intensity laser-irradiated foils diagnosed by ion emission
Physical Review Letters 98 145001

Link to abstract / full textP.McKenna, K.W.D.Ledingham, S.Shimizu, J.M.Yang, L.Robson, T.McCanny, J.Galy, J.Magill, R.J.Clarke, D.Neely, P.A.Norreys, R.P.Singhal, K.Krushelnick and M.S.Wei (2005)
Broad energy spectrum of laser-accelerated protons for spallation-related physics
Physical Review Letters 94 084801

Link to abstract / full textF.N.Beg, E.L.Clark, M.S.Wei, A.E.Dangor, R.G.Evans, A.Gopal, K.L.Lancaster, K.W.D.Ledingham, P.McKenna, P.A.Norreys, M.Tatarakis, M.Zepf and K.Krushelnick (2004)
High-intensity-laser-driven Z pinches
Physical Review Letters 92 095001

Link to abstract / full textP.McKenna, K.W.D.Ledingham, T.McCanny, R.P.Singhal, I.Spencer, M.I.K.Santala, F.N.Beg, K.Krushelnick, M.Tatarakis, M.S.Wei, E.L.Clark, R.J.Clarke, K.L.Lancaster, P.A.Norreys, K.Spohr, R.Chapman and M.Zepf (2003)
Demonstration of fusion-evaporation and direct-interaction nuclear reactions using high-intensity laser-plasma-accelerated ion beams
Physical Review Letters 91 075006

Link to abstract / full textM.Tatarakis, F.N.Beg, E.L.Clark, A.E.Dangor, R.D.Edwards, R.G.Evans, T.J.Goldsack, K.W.D.Ledingham, P.A.Norreys, M.A.Sinclair, M.S.Wei, M.Zepf and K.Krushelnick (2003)
Propagation instabilities of high-intensity laser-produced electron beams
Physical Review Letters 90 175001

Link to abstract / full textR.J.Clarke, K.W.D.Ledingham, P.McKenna, L.Robson, T.McCanny, D.Neely, O.Lundh, F.Lindau, C.G.Wahlstrom, P.T.Simpson and M.Zepf (2006)
Detection of short lived radioisotopes as a fast diagnostic for intense laser-solid interactions
Applied Physics Letters 89 141117

Link to abstract / full textF.N.Beg, M.S.Wei, A.E.Dangor, A.Gopal, M.Tatarakis, K.Krushelnick, P.Gibbon, E.L.Clark, R.G.Evans, K.L.Lancaster, P.A.Norreys, K.W.D.Ledingham, P.McKenna and M.Zepf (2004)
Target charging effects on proton acceleration during high-intensity short-pulse laser-solid interactions
Applied Physics Letters 84 2766-2768

Link to abstract / full textP.McKenna, K.W.D.Ledingham, T.McCanny, R.P.Singhal, I.Spencer, E.L.Clark, F.N.Beg, K.Krushelnick, M.S.Wei, J.Galy, J.Magill, R.J.Clarke, K.L.Lancaster, P.A.Norreys, K.Spohr and R.Chapman (2003)
Effect of target heating on ion-induced reactions in high-intensity laser-plasma interactions
Applied Physics Letters 83 2763-2765

Link to abstract / full textS.Fritzler, V.Malka, G.Grillon, J.P.Rousseau, F.Burgy, E.Lefebvre, E.d'Humieres, P.McKenna and K.W.D.Ledingham (2003)
Proton beams generated with high-intensity lasers: Applications to medical isotope production
Applied Physics Letters 83 3039-3041

Link to abstract / full textL.Robson, K.W.D.Ledingham, P.McKenna, T.McCanny, S.Shimizu, J.M.Yang, C.G.Wahlstrom, R.Lopez-Martens, K.Varju, P.Johnsson and J.Mauritsson (2005)
Volumetric intensity dependence on the formation of molecular and atomic ions within a high intensity laser focus
Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry 16 82-89

Link to abstract / full textS.M.Hankin, A.D.Tasker, L.Robson, K.W.D.Ledingham, X.Fang, P.McKenna, T.McCanny, R.P.Singhal, C.Kosmidis, P.Tzallas, D.A.Jaroszynski, R.Jones, R.C.Issac and S.Jamison (2002)
Femtosecond laser time-of-flight mass spectrometry of labile molecular analytes: laser-desorbed nitro-aromatic molecules
Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry 16 111-116

Link to abstract / full textL.Robson, K.W.D.Ledingham, A.D.Tasker, P.McKenna, T.McCanny, C.Kosmidis, D.A.Jaroszynski, D.R.Jones, R.C.Issac and S.Jamieson (2002)
Ionisation and fragmentation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons by femtosecond laser pulses at wavelengths resonant with cation transitions
Chemical Physics Letters 360 382-389

Link to abstract / full textK.W.D.Ledingham, P.McKenna, T.McCanny, S.Shimizu, J.M.Yang, L.Robson, J.Zweit, J.M.Gillies, J.Bailey, G.N.Chimon, R.J.Clarke, D.Neely, P.A.Norreys, J.L.Collier, R.P.Singhal, M.S.Wei, S.P.D.Mangles, P.Nilson, K.Krushelnick and M.Zepf (2004)
High power laser production of short-lived isotopes for positron emission tomography
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 37 2341-2345

Link to abstract / full textK.W.D.Ledingham, J.Magill, P.McKenna, J.Yang, J.Galy, R.Schenkel, J.Rebizant, T.McCanny, S.Shimizu, L.Robson, R.P.Singhal, M.S.Wei, S.P.D.Mangles, P.Nilson, K.Krushelnick, R.J.Clarke and P.A.Norreys (2003)
Laser-driven photo-transmutation of I-129 - a long-lived nuclear waste product
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 36 L79-L82